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Your Host, Judy Seeger, ND

Worried about Age Related Diseases? Find Out How to Safeguard Your Health with Proven, Practical Tips From Our Leading Female Longevity Experts

The Womens Longevity Summit:
July 22-26th

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If you’re looking to prevent age-related disease like arthritis, dementia, heart disease and more, this could be the answer you’re looking for.

The Next Few Weeks Could Be the Most Important Time in Women's Longevity History...

Because this is the time where we take back control of our health destiny. And we conquer age-related diseases that affect women once and for all!

That’s because the world’s leading doctors, researchers, and scientists have finally discovered that “missing link”. And for the first time in history, I’m bringing together these award-winning experts, all women dedicated to longevity, to reveal this missing link to age-related diseases that impact women…

All so that you finally have the full picture on how to conquer these age-related issues once and for all. This summit that you’re about to attend is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced…

The “Missing Link” that we’re going to talk about is surprising, counter-intuitive, and seems to defy what we thought we knew about age-related diseases in women. Perhaps that’s why nobody in the mainstream media (or medicine) is talking about it? (At least, not yet!)

I predict that we will look back at this summit as a MILESTONE…

Because this is where the conversation starts to change. And this is where your fear and confusion turn into hope for the future…

In fact, you don’t even have to take my word for it… During the Women’s Longevity Summit, you’ll get the full story from 12 of the world’s top experts in age-related health challenges for women.

That’s right. This summit is presented BY women FOR women.

For the first time, female experts will deep dive into age-related issues like dealing with stress, sleep, brain health, hormonal imbalances, and much more!

And they will reveal practical, easy-to-follow steps so that women can take back control of their lives…

Wipe away the gut-wrenching stresses that can lead to diseases…

And spend our golden years enjoying our lives, instead of living inside of a hospital.

So get ready to discover the MISSING LINKS in living a long and healthy life.

LEARN from World-Renowned Women Longevity Experts on How to actually Prevent & Reverse Age-Related Diseases


Ellen Langer, PhD

“Mother of Mindfullness”

Gladys McGary, MD

Loa Blasucci

Energy Alchemist


Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Girlfiend Doctor

Felice Gersh, MD

Zora Benhamou, Gerontologist

Maryon Stewart


Kim Dechert

Liza Lomax

Dr. Stephanie Rimka


Dr. Keesha Ewers

Monika Diane

Judy Seeger


Annika Carroll

Christine Nwoha, MD

Keesha Ewers, NP - Stress less tips
Annika Carroll - More stress less tips
Liz Lomax - Sleep habits that work
Kim Dechert - Exercise fun!
Monika Diane - self care stressless
Dr. Anna - hot flash tips

Your Host, Judy Seeger, ND

My specialty is all things with wellness specifically with detox methods
(foods, therapies, lifestyle) and using natural immune boosters.
I specialize in Natural Therapies and having been in the Cancer / Autoimmune circle for the last twenty years have learned what works and what doesn’t work.

My mission has always been to give back hope to those who have been in
chronic pain/inflammation that they CAN live a life full of health and vitality
even if they’ve been suffering for years. All disease can be reversed.

Now it’s time to continue living a healthy empowered life. I’m dedicating the last third of my life to show women how I’ve done it and how you can do it too with the simple methods I’ve developed.

Don’t Miss the Womens Longevity Summit if …

  • You want to have super sharp memory for the rest of your life
  • You want to know the “missing links” that are important especially for women
  • You want the latest breakthroughs that are proven to keep age-related diseases from happening.
  • Foods, exercises, sleep, reducing stress, hormonal balance – what’s missing from this list that’s the TRUE root of age related disease.
  • You want peace of mind and a simple to follow strategy that empowers you to take control of your health as you age.
  • You are ready to take the most important steps towards feeling empowered about your health as you age.

And here’s a taste of you’ll know after the summit…

It’s time to discover everything you need as a woman who wants to age strong, healthy and vibrant!


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